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Funding System - Overview

Student organization funding at UB is through student agency fees, collected by the university on behalf of Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Bar Association (SBA). Fees are distributed amongst organizations by a Funding Oversight Committee (FOC) and a Student Allocations Board (SAB). In addition to distribution of funds, these bodies regularly review policy related to use of fee funds. Additional information about FOC and SAB members and activities can be found on the About FOC and SAB page.

Funding Oversight Committee
In order to ensure student fee funds are allocated properly and according to federal, state, University System of Maryland, and University of Baltimore policies, the Funding Oversight Committee is in charge of distributing fees to the Student Government Association, the Student Bar Association, Student Allocations Board, Sports Club Council, and the Student Events Board. From these disbursements, the fees are budgeted to be spent by each individual organization. Detailed information can be found in the FOC Bylaws.

Student Allocations Board
The Student Allocations Board seeks to fairly distribute student activity fee monies to general student organizations in a neutral, student-driven process that provides the maximum potential benefit to the students of the University of Baltimore. Detailed information can be found in the SAB Bylaws.

Center for Student Involvement
The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) provides operational support and general oversight of student organization financials. Learn more about the role of CSI.

Funding System Structure
The chart below illustrates the the hierarchical structure of student governance and student organizations, and their funding at the University of Baltimore.