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Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion Role

The Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion (CSEI) is responsible for the general oversight of student organization financials. CSEI acts as a liaison between student organizations and other areas of the University (such as procurement and accounts payable) to ensure proper processing of financial transactions through the state’s payment system. Additionally, CSEI assists organizations in identifying and working with vendors, as necessary.

The financial partnership between CSEI and student organization leaders relies on each party meeting its responsibilities. A non-exhaustive list of responsibilities is below.

Responsibilities of CSEI

Responsibilities of Organization Officers

  • Provide training to organization officers
  • Enforce financial policies consistently
  • Process transactions along published timelines
  • Maintain financial data (such as budgets, finalized amounts and internal transactions) in Campus Groups
  • Work with other campus offices on behalf of organizations
  • Advise SGAFC
  • Communicate with group leaders and advisors about deadlines, trainings, and issues that arise
  • Ensure transparency of funding use and appropriate use of funds.
  • Attend trainings and work to understand materials.
  • Adhere to financial policies
  • Enter payment requests into Campus Groups promptly and along published timelines
    • Four weeks in advance for most
    • Six weeks in advance for travel
  • Keep officer and membership information up to date on Campus Groups
  • Read and respond to communications from CSEI
  • Use funds in an appropriate and transparent manner.