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Below are the bylaws for the Student Allocations Board, current for the 2017/2018 school years. You can also find a downloadable pdf version of these bylaws at this link.

Section 1- Purpose and Budget process
Section 2- Board Membership
Section 3- Chairperson of the Student Allocations Board
Section 4- Replacement of Student Allocations Board Members
Section 5- Meetings
Section 6- Approvals & Appeals
Section 7- Funding
Section 8- Amendments

Section 1- Purpose and Budget process

1.1 The Student Allocations Board’s purpose is to fairly allocate student organization fees to student organizations registered with the Center of Student Involvement.
1.2 The Student Allocation Board establishes deadlines and procedures for budget submissions for Initial, Supplemental, and Enterprise funding by March meeting for the following academic year.
1.3 The Student Allocations Board will consider budget requests submitted by registered student organizations. Initial requests for the academic year are heard at the end of the Spring semester. Supplemental requests are heard in the Fall semester during Allocations Board meetings. Enterprise requests are heard during Allocations Board meetings from September to February.
1.4 The total amount of student fees to allocate is determined by student head count and is managed by the University Budget Office each fiscal year.
1.5 The Student Allocations Board is notified of their total funds to allocate for the year after premier student organization (SBA, UBSGA, SEB, SCC) budgets are finalized by the Funding Oversight Committee.
1.6 The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) shall be the chief liaison between the Student Allocations Board and the campus community with regard to student organization financial matters.
1.7 The Funding Oversight Committee shall consist the Associate Director of Operations and Technology, the Treasurer of Student Bar Association (SBA), the Treasurer of University of Baltimore Student Government Association (UBSGA) and the Chairperson of the Student Allocations Board.

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Section 2- Board Membership

2.1 All Student Allocations Board (SAB) voting members must be registered full or part-time (minimum 6 credits) students at the University of Baltimore in good standing with the institution.
2.2 There are five (5) voting board members of the Student Allocations Board; two (2) additional members shall serve in a non-voting/advisory role.
2.3 Board membership is as follows: One (1) Chairperson (voting): Elected position from the board that receives a stipend Four (4) Appointed from applications to the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) One (1) Graduate Assistant of Student Organization Financial Operations (non-voting): from CSI office, who shall serve as the recording secretary One (1) Staff Representative, Advisor (non-voting except in cases of a tie or impeachment proceedings): CSI Associate Director of Operations and Technology
2.4 The Advisor shall serve in a facilitator capacity to the Student Allocations Board. The Advisor may not vote unless there is a tie or impeachment proceedings.
2.5 SAB voting members may not serve as an executive board member of any student organization or student government.
2.6 SAB members are selected from an application process administered through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). This process shall coincide with the SGA election process timetable.
2.7 In the event that CSI cannot initially select the required number of student members, due to lack of qualified applicants, the remaining membership shall be appointed on a rolling basis; such late appointees shall serve until the end of the term.
2.8 The term of board members will begin the first Thursday of May and serve through the following calendar year (through the day preceding the first Thursday in May).

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Section 3- Chairperson of the Student Allocations Board

3.1 The Chairperson’s duties on the Student Allocations Board are as follows:

  • Attend all meetings.
  • Set agenda at least 48 hours prior to meeting and run SAB meetings.
  • Maintain contact with other board members.
  • Serve on the FOC and keep the FOC informed of SAB’s activities.
  • Serve as the point of contact for all student organizations by maintaining communication via the Board’s email, CSI mailbox and website.
  • Act as a liaison to the University of Baltimore Student Government Association and Student Bar Association. Provide a report of SAB activities upon request of either group.
  • Work with the GA of Student Organization Financial Operations with regards to meeting preparation, posting of allocations, filing of minutes, and other administrative duties.
  • Assist in the preparation and administration of a student organization budget workshop/training given prior to allocation periods (March and October)

3.2 The Chair shall receive a stipend of no more than $1,000 per academic year ($500/semester) contingent upon a performance evaluation determined by the Executive Director of Student Development. The Advisor may make recommendations regarding this evaluation.
3.3 Should the Chair have more than two (2) unexcused absences at Board meetings, the Advisor may request impeachment proceedings. Excused absences for the Chairperson shall be determined by the Advisor. Should the chair resign, or be impeached, the Executive Director of Student Development shall appoint a new chair.
3.4 The Advisor will assume the duties of the Chair (except voting), should he/she not be present at any SAB meetings.

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Section 4- Replacement of Student Allocations Board Members

4.1 Attendance at the Initial Allocations meeting is mandatory for all board members. Members who have more than two (2) unexcused absences at subsequent Board meetings shall be removed by the Chair. A maximum of two excused absences may be granted by the Chair. Failure to attend the Initial Allocations meeting will result in removal by the Chair.
4.2 If at any time a member of the board does not maintain the minimum eligibility requirements, the member must resign. Members who resign must do so in writing and submit to the chair. ailure to resign will result in removal from their position. Should the chair resign, he/she must do so in writing to the Advisor.
4.3 In the event of vacated positions, CSI may appoint members to satisfy membership requirements until the end of the 1 year term.
4.4 A formal written request for impeaching a member must be submitted to the Advisor on or by the Thursday prior to the next SAB meeting. Grounds for Impeachment may include the following:

  • Failure to complete tasks as a SAB member
  • Failure to represent the SAB or the University in an appropriate manner
  • Violation of the University’s Student Code of Conduct

4.5 All parties will be notified upon receipt of request for impeachment.
4.6 A hearing giving both sides a chance to present their arguments and time for open discussion shall be held at the next SAB meeting regarding impeachment.
4.7 An impeachment vote shall be taken at the SAB meeting immediately following the hearing. An Impeachment vote requires a two-thirds vote of all members including the Advisor.
4.8 Once impeached, the member may no longer participate in any function of the Student Allocations Board.

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Section 5- Meetings

5.1 The Student Allocations Board (SAB) meets monthly. Unless another time is selected and approved by all board members, meetings are on the first Friday of each month from 1-3pm.
5.2 The Initial Allocations meeting shall take place during the week after the May undergraduate graduation, and need not comply with the scheduling restrictions in 5.1 (above). Additional meetings may be held, as needed, until the allocation process is complete.
5.3 A quorum of three (3) voting board members must be present at each meeting to conduct business.
5.4 The SAB shall employ an informal format of parliamentary procedure in which the Board will seek to find consensus before calling for a final vote.
5.5 There must be a majority vote of the members present to pass motions. Voting on any specific issue may be done orally or with a show of hands.
5.6 All financial issues dealing with student organizations must be voted upon. Each voting member of the board may only cast one vote in person. No proxy votes will be allowed.
5.7 The Graduate Assistant/Student Assistant of Student Organization Financial Operations shall keep minutes of each meeting and file them in the office of CSI and post on student organization software system.

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Section 6- Approvals & Appeals

6.1 Appeals of student organization allocations may be heard by the SAB at subsequent meetings after allocations are posted. Student organization appeals must be submitted to the SAB along the timeline outlined in the Funding Policy Manual maintained by CSI. Student organization leaders may schedule time on the meeting agenda after a request for an appeal is made in writing to the chair.
6.2 A second appeal of allocations may be made to the Funding Oversight Committee. This appeal must be made in writing and may be accompanied by a presentation.
6.3 The Funding Oversight Committee must approve, by majority vote, any recommendations made by the SAB in regards to changes in budget policy or procedure regarding student organizations and the structure of the Board itself. In the event that the Board recommendations are not heard by the committee within a reasonable time, the SAB can appeal to the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs for recommendation of approval.
6.4 The Chairperson of the SAB is responsible for reporting any changes of policy or procedure to the UBSGA and SBA.
6.5 Changes to the budget policy and procedure would be effective for the next budget cycle.

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Section 7- Funding

7.1 All funding procedures will follow guidelines set forth in the Funding Policy manual.
7.2 The Funding Policy Manual as well as all relevant forms, presentations, and files associated with student organization funding shall be posted on the Student Organization Financial Operations website.
7.3 Recommendation for changes to the funding guidelines can be brought to the SAB by any student organization officer for consideration.

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Section 8- Amendments

8.1 Any student organization officer, SAB member, or CSI may recommend amendment of these bylaws. Such recommendation requires a two-thirds majority vote of the SAB for approval.
8.2 The FOC must ratify any amendment passed by SAB by a majority vote for the amendment to take effect.
8.3 The Chairperson shall inform UBSGA and SBA of any changes made to these bylaws by SAB and FOC.
8.4 These bylaws may also be directly amended by passage of identical amending legislation (by a two-thirds majority vote) in the SBA House and UBSGA Senate.

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