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UB Officer and Financial Training

Required Student Organization Officer and Financial Training modules are now online!

General officer training is required of the President, Treasurer, and third primary officer as part of the registration process. Training consist of three online modules. Financial training is also required of the President and Treasurer annually to access funds.
Training must be completed by September 30 to avoid penalties.

General Officer Training
Financial Training


Campus Groups: User Tools

How to Sign In                                           New to Campus Groups

Officer Management Tools                             Manage Group Contacts

Group Email Lists                    


Campus Groups: Student Organization Tools

Budget Management:

Create and Use Budget                                          

Submit a Budget Request


Events Management:

Creating Event

Create/Edit Event Tags

Create/Edit Event Types

Event Template

Update an Event

Event Access and Display Options

                            Duplicate an Event

                                Event Invites

                            Tracking Attendance

                            Adding a User to Past Events  

                            Event Check-in


Create a Form

Create a Survey

Approve Workflow


 Job Application Form

Closing a Survey

Workflow Set-up




Information Sharing:

Publishing Files for Members Only

Create Photo Album

Upload Photos

    Publishing Files

    Social Media



Website Builder:

 Join Group

Design Websites

Videos into Website

Website Builder

Making a Specific page a Home Page

Document File on Website

Emails from Contact us Widget


Mobile Apps:

Getting Started with App Builder

Publish an Event App

Check –in with IPhone

Check – In with Android

How to Create an Event App

App Builder’s Features

App Builder’s Settings




Service Hours:

Create Service Hours

Verify Service Hours

Upload Service Hours