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Student Organization Constitution Template

Student organizations are required to submit an updated and ratified constitution to CSEI, via CampusGroups registration, each year; the file must also be loaded to the organization’s “Files” section for the public to view. This will assist in the transparency of student organizations. In order to be considered for recognition by CSEI, student organization constitutions must comply with the constitution template found above, including the exact sequence of articles and verbatim language as indicated in the template and signed by the organizations executive board. If any changes are made outside of the registration period, the newest version must be submitted to CSEI for approval via an updated registration.

CSEI will review all constitutions to ensure compliance with CSEI policies and procedures, University of Baltimore and University System of Maryland polices, and federal and state laws, as well as to make sure all amendments do not directly benefit currently sitting officers. The review process can take up to 30 days to be completed.

Once approved and signed by CSEI, a PDF copy of the constitution will be uploaded to the organization’s registration, and emailed to the organization’s president.

Organizations who were registered prior to February 1st, 2015, are currently exempt from following the template. However, the current constitution must include the below.  Please review the constitution template to help develop the constitution. 

  • Name, Purpose, Membership
  • Governing Structure
  • Executive Board
  • Communication
  • Elections
  • Vacancies
  • Financials
  • Amendment(s) to and Ratification of the Constitution
  • Bi-Laws (if applicable)

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