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CSEI reserves the right to modify this policy any time with or without notice. A current copy of the policy will be present on CSEI's website at all times.

Note: The policy was written exclusively for the use of University of Baltimore organizations. Certain policies and procedures have been adapted to meet the needs of fee based budgets only. Other persons or organizations should check with Accounts Payable before using the budget information in the handbook.

Below are policy items related to the operation of your student organziation.

Table of Contents
Events Involving Alcohol
Mail Services
Public Relations/Marketing
UBalt Logo Use and Reproduction
Poster Displays
Digital Advertising
Sidewalk Chalk
Flyer Guidelines
Bulletin Board Locations
Campus Groups Webpages
Social Media
Movie and Film Copyright
Student Organization Suite
Locker Rentals and Use
Equipment Management



26-Policy for Events Involving Alcohol

26.1 Please see this link for the full policy.

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27- Mailboxes

27.1 Each student organization is assigned a mailbox within the CSEI Office. These mailboxes are used to hold paper communications, forms, and mail received for each organization.

27.2 To access and collect the materials, the President or Treasurer may stop by the front desk of CSEI. Materials will only be distributed to those officers who are authorized to do so. The President and Treasurer will be automatically placed into this role unless written permission is received from the President to change permissions.

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28-Mail Services

28.1 Postage for organization related activities is paid for by the Student Government Administrative account, not the individual organization.

28.2 Mailings over 200 pieces must be sent by bulk rate and sent three weeks prior to desired receipt date.

28.3 Mailings must be sorted by zip code in numeric order.

28.4 Label request may be made through CSEI.

28.5 CSEI reserves the right to refuse to process mailings not abiding by the above regulations.

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29- E-Mail

29.1 Organizations can set up an email account (

29.2 For additional information; contact CSEI at and complete the email request form found here.

29.3 Organizations are discouraged from setting up external email accounts (Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, etc.). These accounts are not supported by the Office of Technology Services, which makes resetting a password and assigning access very difficult.

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30- Public Relations/Marketing

30.1 The Marketing and Creative Services Office is responsible for the University's public relations and image. The staff produces news releases, serves as the contact for the local media and works with publications that reach not only the UBalt community, but also the Baltimore metropolitan area as a whole.

30.1.1 If your organization would like help using the resources provided by University Relations to promote a major event or program, please contact CSEI for assistance.

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31- UBalt Logo Use and Reproduction

31.1 Student Organizations should follow the UBalt Style Guide, which outlines appropriate use of UB graphics and logos. The Style Guide is available here.

31.2 If you need The University of Baltimore logo, please do not copy it from another document or online. Contact a staff member in CSEI who can provide you the appropriate file that you need.

31.3 A student organization may state that it is a part of and its members attend the University of Baltimore, and may identify themselves as “(Insert Org) of The University of Baltimore” or “UBalt (Insert Org)” However, when listed on Campus Groups, the UBalt or University of Baltimore may be dropped to help ease the navigation of the organization directory.

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32- Poster Displays

32.1 Please keep in mind that CSEI does not have easels for organizations to borrow; make sure you have the correct equipment before you purchase a poster.

32.2 In the UBalt Student Center, each organization may only have one poster per building for one week (5 business days), or until the event is over, which ever period of time is shorter.

32.3 All posters on display must be on a foam core (foam board). Any poster not meeting these regulations will be removed and disposed of.

32.3.1 For academic buildings please contact that buildings Deans Office for their specific posting policy.

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33- Digital Advertising: UB Calendar, Daily Digest and Digital Signage

33.1 Art and information submitted for advertising should be thoroughly proofread and compliant with the University of Baltimore Graphics Standard and Editorial Style Guide. Events submitted with obvious or excessive errors will be returned for revisions.

33.2 UB Calendar and Daily Digest: For an event to be listed on these resources, you must first create an event in Campus Groups and select the resource where you would like your event to post.

33.2.1 Digital advertising requests for the Daily Digest, Event Calendar, and the Digital Signage displays must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event date. Any requests submitted after 14 days prior to the event will be posted at the discretion of the Student Center Operations and CSEI staff. Posts are limited to 3,000 characters.

33.2.2 Events posted solely on the UB Calendar will automatically post to the ‘Events’ section of the Daily Digest.

33.2.3 No meetings will be added directly to the Daily Digest, they will only be added to the calendar; the only exceptions are first meetings of the semester and initial startup meetings.

33.3 Daily Digest requests will show up the day before and the day of an event in the "Announcements" section of the Daily Digest.

33.4 Event Calendar requests will show up the day before and the day of an event in the "Upcoming Events" section of the Daily Digest.

33.5 Digital Signage requests will show up on the displays installed in the Game Room, Student Center Lobby, Student Center Operations Room, Student Organization Work Area, and the CSEI office.

33.5.1 Student Organizations are responsible for designing their own digital signage that meets the requirements of the individual posting area. Please visit the below website or contact the below personnel to find out the specific requirements. Digital Signage requests can be submitted to the following areas:

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34- Sidewalk Chalk

34.1 Sidewalk chalk is only permitted to be used on the bricks in front of the student center at least four (4) feet away from the entry door and along the cement divider on Gordon Plaza (it is not permitted on the brick).

34.2 Organizations are allowed to use chalk for up to five (5) days prior to and including their event,

34.3 All chalk must be cleaned off immediately following the event, or on the fifth day.

34.4 Organizations may only use sidewalk chalk to advertise an event that is open to the campus as a whole.

34.5 Approval must be gained from CSEI at least 5 business days prior to the use of chalk. All requests may be submitted by emailing, and must include an outline of the message to be displayed.

34.6 Chalking is prohibited on all structures and vertical surfaces, including buildings, walls, signs, benches, lampposts, poles, columns, and trees.

34.7 All chalk must be water-soluble, and easily removed with water.

34.8 Each use of sidewalk chalk must bear the name of the sponsoring organization and must be written legibly.

34.9 Overwriting, erasing, defacing, or altering the chalking made by another person or organization is prohibited.

34.10 The content of the chalking must adhere to University policies, including but not limited to, the Student Code of Conduct and the Non-Discrimination Policy.

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35- Student Organization Flyer Guidelines
  1. 35.1 Flyers can only be posted on appropriate bulletin boards as listed below with push pins (tape and staples are not permitted).
  2. 35.2 Please be respectful of other organizations’ materials, and do not move, post over, or take down flyers that are posted on the boards.
  3. 35.3 Flyers may not contain obscenities, defamatory speech, or fighting words used to incite imminent violence or harm. For events involving alcohol please see the alcohol policy.
  4. 35.4 "How to print", Our office offers free printing of color copies for student organizations. E-mail at least two weeks prior to the needed date, 50 flyers maximum. We'll e-mail you once your flyers are ready and place them in your mailbox.
  5. 35.5 See the full CSEI posting policy here.

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36- Bulletin Board Locations

36.1 Academic Center: Flyers are to be placed on unrestricted bulletin boards only. Banners may be hung in the Academic Center. Signs may be hung from the ceiling, but may not obstruct major traffic patterns.

36.2 Angelos Law Center: Flyers are to be placed on unrestricted bulletin boards only.

36.3 Business Center: Posting is permitted on the bulletin boards in the student lounge space.

36.4 RLB Library – You must seek permission from library personnel before displaying any poster or announcement in the library. Flyers to be posted in the library will be approved for posting according to the policies outlined above.

36.5 Learning Commons: Flyers are to be placed on unrestricted bulletin boards on the first floor only.

36.6 Student Center: Posting is permitted on the bulletin boards only on each floor. The following locations have bulletin board space: Lower Level, 1st floor, 4th floor SOS area.
36.7 See the full CSEI posting policy here.

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37- Campus Groups Web Pages

37.1 Because Campus Groups provides student organizations with a customizable website, external, non-Campus Groups websites may not be funded through student fees, but rather need to be funded through revenue generated by the organization or held in an external account.

37.2 Organizations are not permitted to use the University’s name, trademark, logos, symbols or slogans on outside, non-Campus Groups websites without prior written consent from the University.

37.2.1 The UB Post/Sting is exempt from the requirement to obtain prior written consent from the University to use the University’s name, trademark, logos, symbols or slogans, provided that the UB Post/Sting makes clear that it does not speak on behalf of the University.

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38- Social Media

38.1 For the creation of any student organziation social media accounts, please see UBalt Social Media Policy: (III.B.a): "Prior University approvals should be obtained before creating an account on any platform that would serve the University or any affiliated organization within the University. To obtain approval to create a University social media account, contact the Office of Marketing and Creative Services at
i. A faculty or staff adviser and/or department employee other than the account manager should have account information, including the handle, account email address and password, for each University-affiliated account, and when possible, be a page/account administrator.
ii. All accounts, whether existing or new, should be connected to a University email ( affiliated with the office, division, department, etc., under which that account falls (ex. or No account should be primarily tied to a student account or any non-University email, such as

38.2 You can find the full policy here:

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39- Movie and Film Copyright

39.1 Federal copyright law restricts the use of DVDs and streaming for private showings that are not for educational purposes and prohibits their public performance without prior written consent of the holder of the copyright.

39.1.1 A public performance includes, but is not limited to, showing a motion picture in a location open to the public; showing a motion picture to a selected group of people gathered in a location not open to the public (i.e. theater or lounge); or showing a motion picture by broadcast or transmission.

39.2 Student organizations choosing to publicly show a motion picture in any form (Netflix, DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming, etc.) must secure a license from a booking agency.

            39.2.1 For a list of booking agencies, please contact CSEI at

39.3 Public showings of content from streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc.) cannot be shown at UB because it is not compatible with the commercial-grade A/V equipment due to special encoding of the content.

39.4 DVDs that are rented or purchased from a retail outlet are for home use only and cannot be shown on campus.

39.5 To meet the guidelines that exempt the use of film for educational purposes, the film must be shown as part of a registered course supervised by a teacher in a classroom.

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40- Student Org. Suite

40.1 The Student Organization Suite on the 4th floor of the Student Center has been designed to provide meeting and work space exclusively to active members. Only officers will be given access to the space, which is controlled by keycard access.

40.2 Access to the suite is controlled by your BeeCard and is provided only to the officers of registered student organizations listed on Campus Groups, all others must be let into the space by an officer when the doors are locked.

40.3 Student Organization Suite access will be updated at the beginning and middle of each semester. Organization members must be accompanied by an officer to gain entrance to the suite. Users are asked to observe guidelines for usage or risk losing Student Organization Suite privileges.

  1. 40.3.1 Student organizations must adhere to the following rules while using the suite:
    • Keep noise to a minimum when other student organizations are having meetings in the space.
    • Respect the equipment in the space. Do not abuse the equipment.
    • Clean up after yourself, this includes the workspace and meeting room.
    • Do not prop the access doors open with any object.

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41- Locker Rentals and Use

41.12 Obtaining: Student Organization lockers are located in the Student Organization Suite. There are three different sizes of lockers that are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Every semester the usage of lockers is evaluated, and some lockers are re-allocated. The policy for obtaining a locker is:

      1. Those who currently have lockers will be reevaluated at the end of the academic year.
      2. As part of the registration process, existing Student Organizations with lockers will need to submit a locker registration form on Campus Groups.
      3. Student Organizations without lockers and new Student Organization may request a locker by filling out a New Locker Request section of the Registration Form on Campus Groups.
      4. If the locker request is approved, a locker will be assigned to the student organization based on their space needs and the space available. Locker codes are pre-assigned by CSEI.
    1. Student organizations that are granted a locker must abide by the following rules
      1. CSEI reserves the right to enter lockers without notice given at any time.
      2. No food or beverages including alcoholic beverages of any kind may be housed in the lockers. If food or beverage storage is required, please email with advanced notice.
      3. No illegal substances or explosives of any kind will be allowed in the lockers.
      4. No firearms, ammunition or weapons of any sort.
      5. No currency will be allowed to be stored in the lockers. All funds must be deposited in the organizations revenue account via CSEI.
      6. Student Organizations are assigned a locker for one academic year (two semesters).
      7. If a Student Organization who currently has a locker elects to no longer register their locker or have their locker, CSEI staff will contact them with a deadline of when to have their items out by.
      8. Lockers will be inspected multiple times each semester for food and cleanliness. CSEI reserves the rights to change locker assignments, clean lockers, and/or throw away items without notice given to the organization.
      9. Lockers may be reassigned, without notice, if CSEI believes the organization is not using the locker space.
      10. Locker codes will be recoded each year and organizations that register their locker or register for a new locker will be given their new codes after registration.
    2. Failure to complete the form by the designated registration deadline will result in the organization’s removal from the locker.
    3. Failure to adhere to the rules as written here will result in forfeiture of your organization locker.

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42- Equipment Management

42.1 Some organizations operations require the purchase and use of equipment. Any item that is valued above $500.00 on the date of the purchase must be entered into the Universities Inventory (they will receive a barcoded property sticker) and must be stored in a secure locker.

42.2 All equipment, regardless of price, must be listed on the organizations inventory control list at the beginning and end of each year, this list can be found here and will be emailed out during registration and transition periods.

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