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Getting Your New Org Ready

Table of Contents

Registering a New Student Organization
Student Organization Checklist
Advisor Considerations
Bee Involved/Campus Groups
Social Media
Student Org Suite
Review and Approval of New Student Organizations


Registering a New Student Organization

Step 1: Interest Form

Students will submit an interest form on CampusGroups (, requesting to start a new organization. The student will need to provide the name and purpose of the organization, have a name of their potential advisor, etc.

If an organization’s Initial Interest form is submitted and there is a similar organization already established, the organization’s leaders will be encouraged to participate in the established organization since there cannot be duplication of organizations.

Step 2: New Organization Checklist

After the Interest form is completed and turned in via CampusGroups, a CSEI team member will email a New Organization Checklist and schedule a meeting with the group.

Step 3: Meeting with CSEI.

The student(s) will meet with a CSEI team member to discuss the required steps to establish a student organization on campus. During that meeting, the CSEI team member will review the student organization checklist. This discussion will include a review of policy, procedure, and guidelines. The CSEI team member will answer any questions the student leaders may have. If the group has already selected an advisor, the advisor may join at that time also.

Step 4: Registration
After meeting with a CSEI team member, the student will begin registering their new organization via CampusGroups by clicking on ‘Organizations’ and then the blue ‘Register New Organization’ button. The form will need to be filled out completely and, at minimum, the three main officers and advisor will need to be verified through Campus Groups.
The registration will include the organization's proposed constitution, which must follow the CSEI constitution template. Visit this web site for more information:

Officers will need to complete required training. Visit this page for more details:

Once this registration form is submitted and registration and training requirements are met, a CSEI team member will review the registration form. If all requirements are met, the CSEI team member will approve the registration and the organization will become active. The officers will be notified of the registration approval, and the President, Treasurer and Advisor will be given administrative access to their page in Campus Groups.

The CSEI team member will also make initial contact with the Advisor and provide them with Advisor expectations and the Advisor manual.

Information Needed to Complete Campus Groups Registration Form
for Existing and New Student Organizations

  • Organization Operations
    • Election or Selection Process/Membership Requirements
    • Meeting Day, Time and Location
  • Virtual Event Management System (VEMS)
    • 2 Officers Names, Phone Numbers, Ubalt Email Addresses, Net ID numbers
  • Locker Registration
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Policy Violations
  • Community Standard and Code of Conduct
    • Student Rights and Responsibilities Guide
    • Student Handbook

Student Organization Checklist

All student organizations must register annually on CampusGroups to stay a recognized organization. The classification system of student organizations (Block-funded, Allocated, Non-allocated) was created by the Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion in 2022 to establish distinctions between different types of student organizations based on their variety of purposes and financial responsibilities. For more information regarding student organization registration, please click here.

  • COMPLETE TRAINING: There are multiple training modules required of officers. Most required training can be accessed online. Training is based on tier levels on each individual organization.
    • Officer Training consists of 3 modules and is required for Presidents, Treasurers and the third primary officer on an annual basis. Training covers information about policies and procedures, CampusGroups, and other student organization elements. Although the officer training is not mandatory for all officers- we encourage everyone to take it!
    • Financial Training consists of 2 modules and is required for Presidents and Treasurers and it provides information necessary to manage and spend student organization funds. The training covers the methods by which UB can pay for goods and services, the process used by student organizations to request payments, how to access the different types of organization funds in CampusGroups, and related financial policies and procedures. This training is different from the budget request training (which takes place in October and April and focuses on how to request funding).
  • STUDENT INVOLVEMENT FAIR: The student involvement fair is an opportunity to recruit new members from new and returning students at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Watch your email for registration information.
  • CHECK YOUR MAILBOX: Each student organization is assigned a mailbox within the CSEI Office, be sure to stop by regularly to check your inbox!
  • SIGN UP FOR A LOCKER: Students lockers are located in the Student Organization Suite. Student organizations who currently have a locker must register annually on CampusGroups to continue use of their locker. The deadline to register by is September 30. Student organizations who do not currently have a locker can submit a New Locker Request Form on CampusGroups and these forms will be accepted while lockers are available.
  • SUBMIT A FUNDING REQUEST: Allocated (funded) student organizations are eligible to receive funding at different times of the year. Funded organizations that meet all the requirement criteria can request startup funds, Initial funding, and Supplemental funding. For more information on how to get your org funded, please visit the student org financials website.


Required Student Organization Officer and Financial Training modules are now online!

General officer training and Financial training is required of the President, Treasurer, and third primary officer as part of the registration process. Training consist of five online modules. Financial training is required annually to access funds. Training must be completed by September 30 to avoid penalties.

Find all training links and other helpful how-to guides here.

Advisor Considerations

When selecting an advisor, find a UB faculty or staff person who will have the time to devote to your organization. Make sure that this person will take the role willingly and seriously, and find someone who has knowledge or skills related to the mission/purpose of the organization. Make certain that they have a clear understanding of the organization’s purpose. Discuss with the potential advisor what is being asked of them.

Be open and honest with the potential advisor about the types of activities in which the organization may participate in. Allow the person a reasonable length of time to consider the position. If possible, choose someone who shares some of the same interests as the organization. Organizations may have more than one advisor; all organizations will have a primary advisor, and may elect to have secondary advisors, please see below for the definition of these advisors.

Advisors are responsible for providing advice and guidance to groups. Advisors are not permitted to complete event requests, payment requests, or budget requests, or make operational decisions on behalf of student organizations.

For more information on advisor responsibility and expectations, click here.


Bee Involved 

Bee Involved provides each student organization with a fully functional and dynamic website to help organizations advertise events, connect with students and community members, as well as post information. The website is customizable, through the provided template builder, or through HTML coding. Bee Involved provides many helpful tutorials to assist student organizations in building an effective website. To view this and many other helpful tutorials about Bee Involved visit Help Center.

For more detailed information about how to use Bee Involved visit the CSEI Bee Involved webpage that houses many tutorials and helpful links here. The Bee Involved Help Desk is also a valuable tool in utilizing the site. Please visit

Social Media

Although these tools are good forms of communication, you must be cautious in how you use them and the information you display. As a student organization and/or member or officer of an organization, you are viewed as a resource for information; therefore, you must be careful what is written and represented on these outlets. Below you will find some tips for the use of social media.

  • Understand that your profile and presence on social networks represents yourself and your organization(s).
  • When posting to social media outlets, be sure you are transparent about your relationship to the organization and University. Make sure readers can distinguish between posts made by you on behalf of your organization and posts that are personal.Use good judgment when posting content, make sure the post is sending the message you are intending to send.
  • Make sure your post does not include any violation of intellectual property (copy written material), threatening or obscene language, or any reference of illegal substances or activities.
  • Be accurate; make sure the statements you are making are true and factual.
  • If the content is not acceptable for a face-to-face conversation, over the phone, or other medium, consider whether it is appropriate for social media.
  • For additional information about Social Media use, refer to UBalt's Social Media Guidelines.

Student Org Suite

All registered student organization officers have access to a working/gathering space on the fourth floor of the Student Center, the Student Org Suite.

The space includes:

  • Meeting space in SC 402A which is exclusively for registered student organizations and may be reserved through VEMS
  • Meeting / Work Areas
  • Assigned Storage Lockers
  • Computers
  • Printers – which print from your University allotted personal printer pages.

All officers that utilize this space must adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  • Do not prop the access doors open with any object.
  • Clean up after yourself, this includes the work space and meeting room.
  • Respect the equipment in the space. Do not abuse the equipment.
  • Keep noise to a minimum when other student organizations are having meetings in the space.

Organizations found in violation of these rules will be sanctioned, including loss of privileges in the Student Org Suite.

The Student Org Suite is accessible via BeeCard access only. For more information about this space, please see the general policy.


Review and Approval of New Student Organizations

The CSEI team will review each new registration form to ensure that new organizations do not duplicate existing organizations, and that organizations meet established criteria and comply with CSEI and UBalt policy and procedures.

Duplicate Organizations

Due to limited resources (students, financial, and staff), the duplication of organizations is strictly prohibited. Each organization must have a unique mission, purpose, and name. CSEI will review each registration form to ensure all organizations can function and thrive at the university.

Competitive Sports Organizations

At this time, CSEI cannot support organizations that engage in competitive sports, due to limited space and facilities, and with consideration for staffing and risk management requirements. Social/recreational sports organizations are permitted.

Greek Affiliated Organizations

At this time, the University of Baltimore does not recognize Greek affiliated entities (fraternities or sororities) on campus, as such; Greek organizations are not supported by CSEI.

Note on Organization Names

The use of UB, UBalt, or University of Baltimore in the organization name is not permitted. During the registration process, CSEI will review and update the organization name to comply with this requirement. For example, “UB Chess Club” will be changed to “Chess Club.”

E-mail if you have any questions.

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