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Tips for Existing Organizations

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Re-Registering Your Organziation
Registration Checklist
Officer Transition


Re-Registering Your Organziation

If your organization already exists on CampusGroups, you can register during the registration period from July 1 – September 30 by clicking on the 'Groups' button next to the "Home" button at the top of your page and click your organization's portal. Keep in mind, this button is only visible for portal administrators. If you do not have administrative status, please contact an existing organization administrator or CSEI at to receive administrator access. After clicking on 'Groups' button, you will default to your organization's portal. On this page, you will see the "Group Re-Registration" button, update any outdated information and click 'Next' at the bottom. Repeat this process until you get to the end of the form and confirm your submission. You will be notified when your registration request has been approved or denied.

Re-Registration Checklist

All student organizations must register annually on CampusGroups to stay a recognized organization. The classification system of student organizations (Block-funded, Allocated, Non-allocated) was created by the Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion in 2022 to establish distinctions between different types of student organizations based on their variety of purposes and financial responsibilities. For more information regarding student organization registration and the classification system, please click here.
  • COMPLETE TRAINING: There are multiple training modules required of officers. Most required training can be accessed online. Training is based on tier levels on each individual organization.
    • Officer Training consists of 3 modules and is required for Presidents, Treasurers and the third primary officer on an annual basis. Training covers information about policies and procedures, CampusGroups, and other student organization elements. Although the officer training is not mandatory for all officers- we encourage everyone to take it!
    • Financial Training consists of 2 modules and is required for Presidents and Treasurers and it provides information necessary to manage and spend student organization funds. The training covers the methods by which UB can pay for goods and services, the process used by student organizations to request payments, how to access the different types of organization funds in CampusGroups, and related financial policies and procedures. This training is different from the budget request training (which takes place in October and April and focuses on how to request funding).
  • STUDENT INVOLVEMENT FAIR: The student involvement fair is an opportunity to recruit new members from new and returning students at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Watch your email for registration information.
  • CHECK YOUR MAILBOX: Each student organization is assigned a mailbox within the CSEI Office, be sure to stop by regularly to check your inbox!
  • SIGN UP FOR A LOCKER: Students lockers are located in the Student Organization Suite. Student organizations who currently have a locker must register annually on CampusGroups to continue use of their locker. The deadline to register by is September 30. Student organizations who do not currently have a locker can submit a New Locker Request Form on CampusGroups and these forms will be accepted while lockers are available.
  • SUBMIT A FUNDING REQUEST: Tier-II (funded) student organizations are eligible to receive funding at different times of the year. Funded organizations that meet all the requirement criteria can request startup funds, Initial funding, and Supplemental funding. For more information on how to get your org funded, please visit the student org financials website.
Information Needed to Complete Campus Groups Registration Form for Existing and New Student Organizations
  • Organization Operations
    • Election or Selection Process/Membership Requirements
    • Meeting Day, Time and Location
  • Virtual Event Management System (VEMS)
    • 2 Officers Names, Phone Numbers, Ubalt Email Addresses, Net ID numbers
  • Locker Registration
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Policy Violations
  • Community Standard and Code of Conduct
    • Student Rights and Responsibilities Guide
    • Student Handbook


Required Student Organization Officer and Financial Training modules can be found here:

These trainings are required annually, and are not the specific trainings you must complete each funding cycle to request an initial or supplemental budget. For more information about requesting your budget, please see the student org financials website.

Officer Transition
An important part of being an established student organization is the process of handing the org off to the next student leaders that will run in. Here are some tips for a smooth transition between officers.
  • Schedule a time to meet with your outgoing officers, incoming officers, and the advisor.
  • Have each position sit together and discuss the duties outlined in the constitution. Make sure to mention any extra duties or activities that may be asked of them.
  • Walk through the transition packet so that everyone knows the information that is in it.
  • If possible, set up a meeting with CSEI to introduce the new officers to the staff, and show them where to pick up the packet during registration.
  • Turn the completed packet into CSEI so the organization will not be slowed down during the registration process.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the CSEI Student Organization Team by phone: 410.837.5443, or email
If your organization would like to utilize CampusGroups to run your officer election prior to transitioning in the new board, see our handy Election How-To.

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