Review This Information Carefully

ODK Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) applications are accepted each Fall and Spring semester and are evaluated by a voting group of current ODK members. The UBalt Circle of ODK typically accepts about 20% of applicants but remember - at least everyone that applies is minimally qualified. It is an honor just being identified to apply for membership, and an invitation to apply does not guarantee acceptance into our Circle. Voting members base their decisions heavily on students' ability to demonstrate active leadership and service to campus or community.

In order to be considered for membership, please carefully review all of the information on this page and make sure to complete the electronic membership application and essay.

PRO TIP #1: Fill out the application in its entirety. The voting members do not have powers of divination. We only know what you tell us, and if you leave large chunks missing from the application, we can only see what was provided. Besides, the mark of a good leader is one who is capable of following directions. If a question does not apply to you, say so.

Due to the large number of applications we receive, we will not notify applicants of incomplete applications. It is the applicant's duty to ensure their application is complete. All incomplete applications are dismissed.

PRO TIP #2: Even if you feel you're being redundant, fill out every section. Your contributions to your local church or community sports team in various capacities are just as important as your contributions to campus organizations.

Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Selection Criteria:

1. Applicant must be within upper 35% of their class. At UBalt, this generally means your GPA must be at least 3.3 for undergraduates, 3.6 for graduates, and 3.2 for law students.

2. Applicant must be able to demonstrate active participation in at least one of Omicron Delta Kappa's five phases of leadership:

  • Scholarship
  • Athletics
  • Campus or Community Service, Social and Religious activities, Campus Government
  • Journalism, Speech and Mass Media
  • Creative & Performing Arts

Strong, active campus involvement is the primary consideration for membership, but even if you are not a big participant on campus you are still eligible! Community involvement will enhance your application, and is a qualification in and of itself. Applicants should demonstrate an exemplary contribution to campus or community in one or more of the areas above.

3. Applicants must be enrolled for the semester during which the application is considered and must have completed at least two semesters of coursework at UBalt, including the current semester. Sophmores, juniors, seniors, graduate, and law students are eligible to apply.

Application Instructions:

1. Complete the electronic membership form. This form is through an online portal which may require you to complete an online profile.

2. Make sure to thoroughly answer each prompt, including the short essay questions. You may wish to write your responses in a word document and then paste it into the electronic application so information is not lost. You should provide as much detail as possible about your involvement history to ensure your application is given full consideration by the ODK voting members.

3. Please carefully review your application prior to submission.

Additional Information:

  • An invitation to imply means that you meet the minimum criteria to apply but does not guarantee your acceptance into ODK. Therefore it is important to thoughtfully answer the entire application.
  • Do not submit any additional materials or supporting documentation. Other documents, and applications submitted in any other format than the format specified above, will not be reviewed.
  • The online application cannot be edited once it has been submitted. If you make a mistake or need to add any information, then you must submit an entirely new application.
  • Timely and complete submission of applications is your responsibility. Your complete electronic application, including the essay, must be submitted by the announced due date and time.
  • Applicants are advised to print a copy of their application for future reference. Once submitted, all application materials become the property of the Omicron Delta Kappa at UBalt and will not be returned.
  • Applicants will be notified of their status within two weeks of the application deadline.
  • Accepted members must pay the lifetime membership fee of $100 to complete their membership.  New members will be notified of when dues must be submitted along with their acceptance.
  • The national dues are to be paid directly to ODK Headquarters through the online portal. Local dues will be paid on campus and arrangements will be made with members after acceptance.

Any questions?
Applicants with questions about the application requirements should e-mail at least one week prior to the application deadline.