Psi Chi

Recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology.


About Us

Join our vibrant student community at Psi Chi International Honors Society! Connect with like-minded students, staff, and faculty passionate about psychology.

Please Note: Joining this group makes you a member of the Psi Chi student organization and does not make you a member of the Psi Chi international honors society









Members Benefits

While membership in the student organization does not automatically qualify students for the international honors society, there are still plenty of valuable opportunities for personal and academic growth available to all members.

  • Networking opportunities with fellow psychology enthusiasts.
  • Access to educational and professional development events.
  • Leadership experience through officer positions.
  • Community involvement and volunteer opportunities.
  • Mentorship from experienced members and faculty.
  • Enjoyable social gatherings  with people who have the same passion for psychology

Events & Activities

Look forward to events that apply psychology in your life and connect with others that have a passion for understanding and helping others!

Exclusive Resources

Find the tools that you need to be a successful in learning everything that has to do with psychology!


Connect with peers, faculty, and staff who are also passionate about your growth in the field of psychology!