Congratulations to the 2024-25 SGA Executive Board and Senate

Below are the winner's for the 2024-25 SGA Election. Voting occured on MyUBalt portal from April 25-30.

Join us in congratulating the new members of SGA!

UBalt SGA Election Commission

Adebamarajo Olateru-Olagbegi-, Commissioner

Elisha Urayayi-


Alicia Ryan

As UBSGA President, I will bring my leadership experience from serving as a student organization president, parents association chair, and community non-profit program assistant to an organization that directly impacts students. During my time as a UBSGA Senator this year, I listened to the concerns and ideas of students and actively advocated for them within the SGA and among administrators. I believe that UBalt is a fantastic school that has unlimited potential to meet the needs of students, especially if we all work in collaboration with one another. A robust and engaged student body with solid leadership and direction can make an impact not only on our time at UBalt but for future students. As UBSGA President, I will ensure the SGA runs efficiently and effectively while focusing its efforts on better supporting students who are on financial aid, are parents, are handicapable, or are a part of marginalized communities through creating resource centers, better communication, more accessible events, and community partnerships to support mental and physical health.

Executive Vice President

Sabrina Pereira

When I accepted my admission to UBalt, I had a vision, just like many of you—a vision that I carried through my emigration to the United States and brought to multiple organizations at my community college as a leader. Within my one year of service as an executive member at the UBSGA, my vision to build a respectful and inclusive UBalt community continues to grow. As the Executive Vice President, I promise to listen to you by increasing inclusion and transparency in SGA meetings and advocate for you by ensuring that every student concern goes through relevant committees to create resolutions that can be presented to the SGA Senate. I promise to make your visions come to reality so that we can make UBalt a community where all students can thrive. With my leadership, I promise that your concerns will not be overlooked, and the next generation of UBalt students will have a better experience built upon a foundation where all student needs are met, and voices are heard.

Vice President of Operations

Jezreel Donna Tandoc

I am excited about the honor and privilege of bringing my strengths through this role and working collaboratively with others to achieve shared goals through SGA. As someone whose leadership philosophy revolves around empowering others to excel, I desire to serve my university community as Vice President of Operations in the Student Government. I am committed to creating an environment that serves others and fosters growth and success for everyone while understanding and adequately adhering to policy and procedure. Through this position, I want to provide the necessary support, space, and connections to ensure the student government operations function efficiently, student workers have a strong advocate, and support the team's overall success.

Vice President of Finance


Vice President of Student Affairs

Danica Nelson

Something about going to Ubalt just seemed right when I started making friends through honors, clubs, and other campus involvement. My objective as Vice President of Student Affairs is simple—make every student fall in love with Ubalt the same way I did. If elected, I will uphold my promise of keeping an involved campus community by creating opportunities for student engagement through clubs, campus events, and student organizations. With my guidance in this position, I will ensure that every student has the opportunity to foster lifelong friendships and connections, explore their interests, and develop leadership skills through campus engagement.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Perla Cordero-Toledo

Our voices and experiences should not be left on a survey but exercised by students and staff alike. I want to assist students through the ongoing changing educative platforms that we use. While also creating a smooth transition for students' academic needs such as times and more in-person classes, request grade appeals, and more. I mentioned the surface, but all-in-all want to create a voice that has a face in staff meetings regarding student academic affairs.

Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Todd Barnes

My vision for SGA at University of Baltimore is to leave impact that will be beneficial to future students, faculty, and staff. Being elected for VP of DEI would mean being a vessel for problems and finding solutions. My hope would be to become a voice for the voiceless, cultivating a University of Baltimore culture of intentional inclusion. A place where students take pride in building lifelong relationships, having a strong network can be beneficial to student/professional development.

Vice President of Public Relations

Ayanna Roberts

I am committed to fostering strong connections between the University of Baltimore and its diverse community, I aim to elevate our institution's reputation through strategic communication, transparent engagement, and innovative outreach initiatives. With a focus on inclusivity and collaboration, I aspire to amplify the voices and achievements of our students, faculty, and staff, while promoting a culture of excellence and mutual respect. As well as increase social media content, engagement, and following using prior experience.

Graduate Senators

Meagan Etner

My vision for the SGA is that the organization works collaboratively within the group and with other student organizations to help lead the effort to increase student life on campus. If elected as a UBSGA Senator, I have two main goals: to ensure that the basic needs of the student body are addressed effectively by keeping in mind the uniqueness of the UBalt population, and that the University continues to place a strong emphasis on diversity and representation. I plan to utilize my skills earned through student organization leadership and running my own business to create events, initiatives, and legislation to help reach these goals.

Undergraduate Senators

Ayman Yereem Kone

In my bid for Undergrad Senator, I stand for intentional actions that directly address our collective needs as students. My focus is on creating solutions that are impactful yet straightforward, ensuring that our SGA resources and efforts genuinely align with what students find helpful and necessary. I will be advocating for a campus where every measure taken is one that simplifies and enriches our daily academic journey.

Taylor Mulcahy
(No statement provided).

Mohamed Sako

I want to advocate for international student

Keyona Taylor

I’m here to be of service in any position I can assist in. My vision for SGA is a space where students can respectfully come together, share ideas, and collectively create solutions. .

Law Senator

Alan Young

As a candidate for the Student Government Association (SGA) Law Senate, I aim to serve as a passionate advocate for our student body and address the issues that matter to us which comes with Transparency and Accountability, Amplifying Student Voices, Promoting Diversity and Inclusion, and Empowering Student Leadership.