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About Us

The Negotiation and Conflict Management (CNCM) Students' Association is an organization designed to support and empower students by:

  • Fostering an appreciation of the diverse field of conflict management;
  • Building collaborative partnerships; and
  • Developing community and continuity,
  • Thereby yielding better equipped conflict management professionals.

In order to fulfill this role, the Association offers activities and events focused on these particular areas of service:

  • Career Preparation & Practical Experiences
  • Networking & Internships
  • Student support & Community
  • Volunteering & Humanitarianism









Members Benefits

There are many benefits from joining the CNCM Student Association, some include:

  • Acquiring great networking opportunities.
  • You’ll learn how to engage with diverse groups of people
  • Sharpening a student’s team building skills and collaboration skills
  • Practice communication skills
  • You’ll gain leadership skills
  • The chance to expand your resume
  • It gives students a break from their studies
  • A chance to give back to the community
  • Notification of all CNCM Association’s information, events and activities

Events & Activities

Join us for meetings and events throughout the semester!

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Exclusive Resources

Engage with conflict management & negotiation students and professionals. 

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Meet professionals in the field & learn about their careers!

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Our Team

Righteousness El-Berith
Vice President
Talia Martinez
Briana Foreman
Rae Yunzi Tan
Primary Advisor