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From Conflict to Connection:
Cultivating Harmony through Skillful Conversations




We are an enthusiastic group deeply passionate about promoting effective negotiation, mediation, and conflict management strategies among students to foster growth in both personal and professional spheres. Our unwavering pursuit fuels our mission to provide comprehensive resources, empowering the next generation with the tools to navigate intricate discussions and promote harmonious resolutions.

To effectively execute our mission, the Association provides a range of engaging endeavors and occasions centered around these key realms of engagement:

★ Professional Readiness & Hands-on Learning;

★ Networking & Internship Opportunities;

★ Student Guidance & Fostering Community; &

★ Volunteer Initiatives & Humanitarian Efforts.

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Engage with conflict management & negotiation students and professionals. 

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Our Team

Our Team

Ouranitsa Abbas Profile

Ouranitsa Abbas

Chief Groupie
Marcus Ponder jr Profile

Marcus Ponder jr

Chief of Staff
Travis Polite Profile

Travis Polite

Executive Officer
Rodney Walker Profile

Rodney Walker

Executive Officer
Marilyn Moses Profile

Marilyn Moses

Swag Czar
Dakonyemba Kolani Profile

Dakonyemba Kolani

Alexis Brownlee Profile

Alexis Brownlee

Senior Admirer
Rachel Petrucci Profile

Rachel Petrucci

Vice President
Nicole Butler Profile

Nicole Butler

Chief Taskmaster
Talia Martinez Profile

Talia Martinez

Briana Foreman Profile

Briana Foreman

Rae Yunzi Tan Profile

Rae Yunzi Tan

Primary Advisor

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