Officer Position Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming an officer in the CNCM Student's Association!

Please fill out this form to express your interest and an officer will reach out to you shortly.

To read descriptions of all positions, please go to our document section or access the file directly through this link.


Additional instructions for the previous question. This include attending monthly meetings, actively participating in meetings, following through on assigned responsibilities, maintaining reliability, collaborating with members, following up on tasks, being self-sufficient, composing emails/flyers, reaching out to members/speakers/advisors, among other things.


Additional instructions for the previous question. The Executive Officers include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, & Chief of Staff.

The Executive Cabinet includes: Cabinet Positions & Committee Chairpersons.


Additional instructions for the previous question. If you're interested in becoming an officer but would like to be considered for a position other than the executive officers or cabinet members, please describe your preferred role and responsibilities.