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General Policies & Practices

Below is a list of some of the policies that govern student organizations and their operations, additional polices are linked below. CSEI recommends that each officer review all the policies and procedures before and during the year. 

  • No organization may conduct activities or events in which the purpose, result, or benefit is financial or material gain for individual members of the organization.
  • Because the operation of student organizations is funded by the fees paid by University of Baltimore students, no fundraising for political candidates is allowed. You may hold an event or debate, but no money can be raised in support of any political candidate – this includes candidates for a student organization or the Student Government Association.
  • In the case of a competition, entrance is allowed to non-UB students only if an entrance fee is paid that will cover the costs of uniforms, equipment, officiating, or any other charges incurred that are covered by UB student fees.
  • Executive, management or organizational positions of authority shall be currently enrolled students only. 

Official Communication Channels
CSEI will use the email addresses of the president and/or treasurer (as listed in Campus Groups) as the official communication channel regarding financials. CSEI staff members may also communicate regarding payment requests in Campus Groups by commenting on the request itself. In these instances, the requestor will be notified in Campus Groups and via email, which is the email by default. Student leaders are encouraged to check their email account regularly and not rely upon email forwarding to another account.

More Information: Internal Account Policies | Revenue Account Policies | External Account Policies | Student Organization Handbook