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Student Organization Checklist

  • All student organizations must register annually on CampusGroups to stay a recognized organization based on their tiered level. The tiered system of student organizations (Tiers I, II, and III) was created by the Center for Student Engagement and Inclusion in 2021 to establish distinctions between different types of student organizations based on their variety of purposes and financial responsibilities. For more information regarding student organization registration and the tier system, please click here
  • COMPLETE TRAINING: There are multiple training modules required of officers. Most required training can be accessed online. Training is based on tier levels on each individual organization.
    • Officer Training consists of 3 modules and is required for Presidents, Treasurers and the third primary officer on an annual basis. Training covers information about policies and procedures, CampusGroups, and other student organization elements. Although the officer training is not mandatory for all officers- we encourage everyone to take it!
    • Financial Training consists of 2 modules and is required for Presidents and Treasurers and it provides information necessary to manage and spend student organization funds. The training covers the methods by which UB can pay for goods and services, the process used by student organizations to request payments, how to access the different types of organization funds in CampusGroups, and related financial policies and procedures. This training is different from the budget request training (which takes place in October and April and focuses on how to request funding).
    • External Account Training is required for the Presidents and Treasurers of organizations with external checking accounts. CSEI staff will work to schedule this in-person training with these individuals for 2021/22.
  • STUDENT INVOLVEMENT FAIR: The student involvement fair is an opportunity to recruit new members from new and returning students at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.  Watch your email for registration information. 
  • CHECK YOUR MAILBOX: Each student organization is assigned a mailbox within the CSEI Office.
  • SIGN UP FOR A LOCKER: Students lockers are located in the Student Organization Suite.  Student organizations who currently have a locker must register annually on CampusGroups to continue use of their locker.  The deadline to register by is September 30. Student organizations who do not currently have a locker can submit a New Locker Request Form on CampusGroups and these forms will be accepted while lockers are available. 
  • SUBMIT A SUPPLEMENTAL BUDGET REQUEST: Student organizations can submit supplemental budgets.  There will be supplemental budget workshops in October that treasurers and presidents are required to attend if they are requesting supplemental funding. The supplemental funding request will be due by October 25.