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Event Registration


Reserving Space on Campus

If any organization wishes to hold a meeting, set-up an information table or plan an event on campus space must be reserved using the Virtual Event Management System (VEMS).  Reservations must be made at least four (4) business days prior to the event, and 30 business days prior for an event with alcohol. However, it is recommended that student organization plan as far ahead as possible. If reservations are requested in less time than the period specified above, the University reserves the right not to honor requests for facilities.

Please note, classrooms are unavailable to reserve until up to three weeks after all (Law, Graduate, and Undergraduate) classes have begun for the semester. For the fall semester, this generally falls around September 15. For the spring semester, this generally falls around February 20. 

VEMS Access

Students can access VEMS by logging into their MyUB portal and clicking on the VEMS icon under the Tools menu. Only two officers per organization will be granted access to make reservations for the organization through the VEMS tool. These two officers will become the point of contact for the Office of Conference Services for all reservation related details and communications. It is essential that these officers know all the details for an event and are able to answer the questions from the Office of Conference Services.

Room Reservation Process

  • Log into VEMS using your MYUB account.
  • Complete: VEMS Request form at least four (4) business days prior to your event. CSI recommends a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • You will receive an instant Request Receipt via email.This is just a receipt not a confirmation.
  • Once approved you will receive a “Student Organization Final Approval” email, this confirms your space
  • Remember do not advertise until you have confirmation of the location.

Organizations failing to follow proper room reservation procedures will not be allowed to reserve space on campus for a period not to exceed 30 days.

All organizations using University facilities are expected to clean up after themselves. Organizations will be billed for the cost of cleanup if it is not done properly.

Events with Loud Noise

All student organization events must be approved by the CSEI in advance. Organizations are allowed to hold events that will produce loud noise; however, we need to be conscious of where these events are located. Consideration of event approval includes location, event type, and event specifications. Programs which could produce loud noise (i.e. music, movies, or shouting) could be denied in certain locations of campus (open areas in buildings such as Business Center Atrium, all building lobbies, and all classrooms) and during certain times of day (class hours and study/exam weeks). This does not include speakers and meetings. Due to the limited space on campus, advanced planning is essential to ensure you have the appropriate space and permissions. Generally, the Student Center 5th floor is the best space on campus for loud events.

After Hours Usage of University space

Student Organizations have the ability to hold events or meetings on campus past normal operating hours.  To ensure the event or meeting is successful, an “After-Hours” form must be completed, which includes (but is not limited) to obtaining multiple signatures from UB Police, Plant Operations, Housekeeping, CSEI, and Student Center Operations (if using the Student Center).  This form must be completed and submitted to CSI no later than business 14 days prior to the event. CSEI recommends starting this process as early as possible. 

Organizations that chose to hold an event after-hours beyond normal university operating hours are subject to additional fees from Public Safety, Housekeeping, Auxiliary Services and Plant Operations.  These fees are charged at cost to cover expenses incurred outside of normal university operating hours.  Therefore, you are required to discuss logistics and costs with each office before you will receive a final room reservation.  Finally, organizations that fail to meet and agree with costs from the above office(s) may need to postpone or cancel said event.

Audio Visual Services

The Audio Visual (A/V) Services Office has equipment available for all Organizations to use for events. Most of the equipment and services are free of charge; however, some services do have an associated fee.  For more information and a complete list of services contact Instructional Technology at 410-837-6262.  Plan to reserve any needed equipment well in advance to insure availability. Please use the VEMS-Online Reservation Form to reserve any equipment.

Please use this link for a step by step guide on how to reserve space on campus: VEMS How-To