Orientation Leader Application

General Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Orientation Leader at UBalt!

Please complete the form below by the end of the day Monday, May 30 to ensure we capture all of the information necessary to consider your candidacy for the Orientation Leader Position (click here to view the Orientation Leader Job Description).

Please read the information in the form below carefully.

If you have other campus employment, you may still serve as an orientation leader, but please make sure to note that on the form, along with the hours/week worked. Orientation Leaders working more than 12 hours/week will need to make special arrangements with their supervisors to be able to work during orientation, and will not be able to work as an Orientation Leader for the remainder of the semester after Orientation.

As a reminder, required work dates are:
  • Virtual Training TBD
  • Aug. 23-25 - New Student Orientation Dates
  • Aug. 26 - Bee Ready Day (on-campus)
    • Please review information about the vaccination mandate here
Optional Work dates:
  • TBD
If you have any questions please call Christine Marconi at 410-837-5690 or e-mail cmarconi@ubalt.edu.

Please complete the form below by midnight on Monday, May 30.

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Additional instructions for the previous question. Valid input:
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